Restaurant Bucket List: Las Vegas

The best part of travelling is checking out the foodie scene.

When people think Vegas they often think of the bright lights, clubs, and casino; however, I love Vegas for a completely different reason: the food. The Vegas strip has a lot of amazing restaurants but most of the restaurants I try are not located on the strip. That being said, I do have my favourites on the strip too!

Here is my bucket list for Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • The Noodle Man
  • Sweet Poke
  • Paina Cafe Las Vegas
  • Flock and Foul
  • Fat Choy
  • Bachi Burger
  • Fukuburger
  • Mr. ChopStix
  • Marugame Monzo LV
  • Toddy Shop
  • Jogasaki Sushi Burritos
  • Fists of Fusion
  • Lotus of Siam
  • Dirt Dog Las Vegas
  • Tail & Fin
  • Makai Pacific Island Grill
  • Cafe Summer
  • Tonkatsu Kiyoshi
  • Kkulmat Korean Kitchen
  • The Habit Burger Grill
  • Japaniero
  • Carson Kitchen
  • Herringbone
  • Trattoria Nakamura-ya
  • China Poblano

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