The Old Bauernhaus

Kimberley BC has a local gem: The Old Baurenhaus. If you are looking for a restaurant with charm, history, and a bavarian flare, the Baurenhaus is the place you are looking for. Ever since I started to go to the Baurenhaus I have always ordered the Bavarian Feast. Feasting, as it is referred to, is a wonderful way to test a number of amazing dishes for one great price. Each dish also often features local ingredients, for example, the cheese platter has a great cheese from Creston, BC.

The feast has 10 dishes which include: mixed greens, spinach salad, baked brie, garlic prawns, cheese plate with bread, wienerschnitzel, jagerschnetzeltes, spatlze, pan-fried potatoes, and vegetables. With all those dishes this truly is a feast.

One of my favourite appetizers is the baked brie. I have never head brie baked this way but it is delicious. The brie has a crispy baked outer coating but is perfectly melted on the inside. Another favourite is the garlic prawns. That sauce is the definition of a perfect garlic sauce for shrimp. Pro tip – the bread and cheese come out first but save some of the bread to drip it in the extra sauce left over from the shrimp!

The wienerschnitzel, spatlze, and the sauce from the jagerschnetzeltes are my three favourite parts of the main course. By this time I am usually getting full, but there is always the opportunity to take home what you can’t finish. One of the dishes I like to bring home if I am getting full is the pan-fried potatoes. They taste great as left overs and reheat well in the oven.

If you are in the Kimberley neighbourhood, make your way up to this local favourite. If you are in town during a busy time (i.e. winter break or a long weekend), you will want to make a reservation to ensure you get in!


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