“Lazy” Fish Tacos

Winter break has ended and I have realized that I don’t have much in my fridge, other than some random items. I was getting home from the library later than expected and needed to continue to finish my assignment so I wanted something quick and easy.

In my fridge/freezer I found some Basa fish, tortilla shells, cabbage, onion, limes, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes – so I thought I would give fish tacos try. Fish would defrosts and cooks quickly and a folded taco is easy to eat while studying!

One thing I rarely do is follow a recipe. Instead I use recipes as an inspiration for flavour or a dish. I find I prefer following my instincts of what spices will taste good or how much of different ingredients I should add. This has both been a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it allows me to be creative in the kitchen. Alternatively, it has been a curse because if I can’t remember what or how much I put in it is hard to recreate!
img_1864While my fish was defrosting I diced tomato, cucumber, onion (red), red pepper, cabbage (sliced thin) and tossed it into a bowl and squeezed lime juice over it before putting it in the fridge to keep chilled. After the fish was defrosted I used cumin, red pepper flakes, chilli powder, garlic and this awesome spice my parents got from New Orleans: “Slap Ya Mama”. I also squeezed a lime into the bowl and mixed it all to make sure the fish was covered. I like to do dishes as I cook so I have less to clean after the meal, so while I cleaned my dishes so far the fish marinated for a few minutes.

I used a pan with a bit of olive oil to cook my fish. While the fish was cooking I made a Sriracha mayo sauce using mayonnaise and Sriracha hot sauce. As previously stated, I do not use specific measurements but the more hot sauce to mayonnaise will make a sauce with more heat!

On the tortilla shell I layered my fish, the “slaw” mixture I made earlier, and my Sriracha mayo. Sometimes I may add cheese, jalapeño, salsa etc. – whichever condiments I am in the mood for.

Roll and enjoy! If you prefer to follow a recipe here is one that I found helpful: Click Here!



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