Kitchen Aid Ravioli Maker

Homemade Ravioli

For Christmas we bought the Kitchen Aid Mixer Ravioli Maker attachment.

We previously used a metal tray where you place the two pasta sheets with filling in the middle of the indents of the tray. Once you have done that you use a rolling pin to press the sheets together, sealing the inside mixture, and cutting the ravioli squares. This worked well but was quite tedious and time consuming. As a result, my mom and I wanted to try using the Kitchen Aid attachment.img_1890

Overall, I would say that the attachment was easier than the previous gadget we were using – especially if you are preparing this alone. The hardest part was making sure that your pasta sheets were uniform in width. Most of my sheets I used a sharp knife to straighten the edges that were not uniform. My mother and I also didn’t wait long enough to let the ravioli sheets dry before we tried to rip them apart but for the first time using the attachment I think it went well!

The inside of our pasta was a spinach, ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese mixture. We have used this mixture before so we were comfortable using it to try out the new tool. One thing with this mixture is that it can get watery, which can make your pasta sticky. Some of the ravioli pieces became a bit soggy as I was pushing it through the maker, but I added more parmesan and a bit of flour to soak up some of the moisture.

I find the more I use a gadget the better I get at making the intended end result. When we first started using the Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker we had difficulties making the noodles, but after repeated use my mom can now make flawless fehttuchini! If you are trying a new gadget and end up with something that looks nothing like the intended outcome keep trying, you will learn tricks that work for you and the recipes you try for it.


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