The Burger Battle in Las Vegas

When I travelled to New York City I was excited to explore the amazing foodie scene in the “Big Apple”. One of the things I was excited for was to try the food places featured in movies. One of these places was Shake Shack. One of the first places we ate at when we landed was Shake Shack and I was curious to see if it truly was the In-N-Out of the east coast. I was not let down, it was very delicious but I was still curious to know what I would think if I were to try Shake Shack and In-N-Out close together. Unfortunately there is no In-N-Out in New York so I was not able to do that.

Fast forward in time, Las Vegas’ New York New York Hotel now has Shake Shack and just a few blocks away is In-N-Out. This sparked the burger throw-down between these popular burger joints for local and visiting foodies. I started with Shake Shack before venturing to In-N-Out and enlisted the help of my boyfriend for another perspective.


I liked the Shake Shack burger because the burger patty itself was very flavourful. Its a burger with the classic condiments and toppings, which I appreciate – sometimes you don’t need anything crazy to make a great burger stand out.

Satisfied with what we ordered, we later made our way to In-N-Out to complete the challenge.


The first bites into my In-N-Out burger satisfied all my cravings. If I could have any burger joint come to Canada, In-N-Out would be the one. My favourite things about their burgers is how well all the flavours go together. Every bite you take has a great balance of flavours throughout the burger from the bun to the patty and the condiments and toppings in between. Similar to Shake Shack, the burgers have classic toppings like tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

Although I enjoyed both burgers, I do prefer In-N-Out. Perhaps I am a bit biased because I have In-N-Out more often and it reminds me of many family vacations to the states where In-N-Out has locations. I prefer the bun, the lettuce, and the cheese on In-N-Out burgers. In addition, I am a sucker for In-N-Out’s sauce they put on their burgers (and their fries if you order it). However, the burger patty of Shake Shack is definitely more flavourful!

My boyfriend, however, thought Shake Shack was the better option. He preferred all of the toppings and flavours offered by Shake Shack in comparison to In-N-Out’s burgers. Our In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack opinions will just be something we have to agree to disagree on! But I won’t complain about getting a tasty Shake Shack burger – as long as we can still go to In-N-Out before the end of the trip.

As for the fries, both are tasty and I think the preferences will lie within whether someone prefers shoestring fries or crinkle cut fries. I personally love all fries and growing up fries and ketchup made up their own food group in my diet.

If you are in Vegas, try out each of the burgers and form your own opinion!


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