District One Las Vegas – Fusion Food Favourite

As stated on my bucket list restaurants for Las Vegas, checking out the foodie scene on a vacation is one of my favourite things to do. In Las Vegas we have a few staples and favourite food spots that we like to go to; however, I am always looking for new places to try (If you have any suggestions please let me know!).

One of the places that I found was District One Las Vegas. While checking out the menu it had a bunch of fusion dishes, which is one of my favourite cuisines. This restaurant was brought to my attention for their Lobster Pho. I didn’t have that dish, but did try some of their other recommended dishes, such as their oxtail fried rice.

So off we went to try out this new restaurant and I am happy to say it has now become one of the places we must go back to each time we visit. The server was very helpful and helped us choose a variety of dishes to sufficiently sample the menu. Every dish had flavour that was distinct, unique, and tasty. Some of my favourite dishes was the oxtail fried rice and steamed buns, which had a deep-fried option. I loved this place because it nailed my craving for fusion food with a strong Asian flare. I find that fusion dishes can have similar flavours so when you order more than one dish it kind of all tastes the same – this was not the case here. If you are looking for a great take on what fusion food should be, check out District One Las Vegas!




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