Pho-ever Craving!

Pho is one of my favourite meals to go out for when I am craving something tasty, cheap and quick. I love pho so much I went to a cooking class to learn how to make pho and other Vietnamese soups (I wrote about Calgary cooking classes here). A good friend of mine introduced me to sate pho and since then I have been ordering it at many local Vietnamese restaurants in town. After a few times ordering at different restaurants I noticed that not all restaurants make it the same. Some restaurants simply put chilli flakes into the broth, whereas others have some sort of spice and oil mixture that is almost infused into the broth. I prefer the latter of these kinds, as I find it is more flavourful and truly brings out the sate flavour I am seeking when I order the dish.

So, after a journey of taste testing the different sate pho dishes in Calgary I have found my favourite restaurant that offers it. Not surprisingly, it is a favourite of my friends and family! Pho Huong Viet Noodle House on 17th Ave and 37th St SW offers flavourful and fresh Vietnamese food. Their dishes portions are perfect and the price is just as wonderful. So whether you are convinced by this blog post to try out the restaurant simply for the sate pho, I think the restaurant is definitely worth another visit to try out more dishes.

Pho Huong Viet Noodle House is usually busy and a line up can quickly form out their door and into the shopping plaza sidewalk around dinner time, but the servers are great at providing quality service at an efficient pace. The restaurant also offers take out if you are in a rush or want to take it to go. I have done both and have been happy with my meal whether I have sat in to eat or ordered take out.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-3-52-46-pmAs previously stated, there are many dishes that are delicious but this post is about the sate pho! This is the sate pho that started  it all and it set the bar high. To be honest I have not found many sate pho dishes that have lived up to the caliber of this one! The noodle and beef portions are perfect for a dinner. If I want left overs I will order the large size and it will be enough to have a second meal. The best part of this dish is the broth. I am not sure what the owners do differently but the broth is literally red, as if it is infused with the most delectable sate flavours ready to be devoured by hungry customers. Unlike other restaurants who just simply add chilli flakes or adding hot sauce to the broth, this soup offers a more complex taste profile. The broth has a kick but is not too spicy, however, it has a more flavour packed taste in addition to the heat – similar to how a curry is spicy but has a lot of flavour, in comparison to how hot sauce mainly has heat to its taste.

Overall, head over to Pho Huong Viet Noodle House (the 17 ave. location) if you want enjoy fresh and flavourful Vietnamese cuisine.



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