LV Bubble Tea

Las Vegas is filled with amazing restaurants offering dishes from every cuisine you can think of. After a day by the pool, shopping, hiking, or spending the day on the Las Vegas strip, a cool and refreshing drink is at the top of my list. One of my favourite drinks is bubble tea and thank you my cousins (the two from the @2.5Asian trio) we found a great bubble tea place. It is off the strip but not too far and totally worth the cab ride/bus ride/drive over!

Kung Fu Tea offers a variety of bubble tea flavours and options for toppings (i.e. the bubbles aka boba). My personal favourite type of bubble tea is the milk tea flavours whereas my boyfriend’s favourite type is the slush variety. The types of bubble tea flavours you can order at Kung Fu Tea doesn’t stop at 2 types though. Kung Fu Tea offers several kinds including: classic, milk tea, slush, punch, yogurt, milk, coffee, and milk cap. Also, a bonus for lactose intolerant folks is that Kung Fu Tea offers drinks made without dairy! My favourite flavour to order at Kung Fu Tea is almond milk tea because it mixes my favourite flavours: milk tea and almond.


The drink experience is unique at Kung Fu Tea because each drink is customizable to each patron. The process for ordering is described in a video on their website here, as there are several steps where you can customize your drink. You can choose the ice levels and sweetness levels in addition to the typical options like the size of your drink and toppings. Similar to the variety offered on their menu for bubble tea flavours, Kung Fu Tea also offers a wide range of toppings: pudding, mung bean, nata jelly, herbal jelly, red bean, and bubbles. Despite the variety I often stick with the bubbles, but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

If you are craving a great local spot to get some awesome bubble tea head over to Kung Fu Tea down Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas. This is also the best area in town to explore other ethnic restaurants and grocery stores!

Pro Tip: Kung Fu Tea Las Vegas offered free toppings for Yelp users who checked into their location. However, double check this is still valid before you go if you are thinking of using it!



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