Little Restaurant, Big Taste – Monta Ramen Las Vegas

Nestled in a strip mall off of Spring Mountain Rd. in Las Vegas there is a tiny ramen restaurant; however, do no let its small size deter you! This place is always packed with customers and serving out fresh, hot (and cold), and tasty ramen. Arguably, this is one of the best ramen restaurants in Vegas and it is definitely a family favourite of ours.

The restaurant is small and simple, and the menu similarly reflects this.There is 4 types of hot ramen dishes and 1 cold ramen dish. You can make your ramen bowl more unique by adding a number of topping such as, nori, pork or corn. In addition to ramen there is a few other dishes you can order like gyoza or a pork belly bowl! I have not ordered too many of these other dishes because I find after the generous portions of the ramen dish I barely have enough room in my stomach to take a sip of water (or get a bubble tea next door at Kung Fu Tea – see the post about this great bubble tea place here). In addition to the menu there is also a ramen dish posted on the wall about their daily special. I ordered the black garlic oil dish when it was being featured and it was delicious!

All of their broth options are very flavourful and you don’t need to add many condiments to make the dish enjoyable or more tasty. Which broth I order usually depends on how I am feeling. If I am wanting something a little lighter I will order the Shoyu (”soy sauce”) Ramen because it is made from chicken and vegetable stock, in comparison to the Tonkotsu (”pork bone”) Ramen which is a bit more rich in its texture and flavour.

Overall, each menu item is filled with flavour and satisfies any noodle craving. For Monta Ramen the saying “good things come in small packages” encompasses the delicious experience in this tiny restaurant.


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