Proof – Classy Cocktails in Calgary

This local favourite is known for its unique cocktails; however, it was introduced to my boyfriend and I by some friends who swore by a food item this establishment serves.

Proof is a cocktail bar that offers a variety of different drinks crafted using different ingredients and each drink has a name as unique as the beverage. The menu is organized by alcohol type (i.e. vodka or whiskey) so you can easily sift through the expansive drink list to find something you like. If you are like me and can’t decide, the staff are very knowledgeable and can help you pick one that will quench your thirst! Some of our favourite drinks that we have tried are as follows:

  • Laura Palmer
  • A little bit of Northern Hospitality
  • Provence Lemondade (Non-Alcoholic)
  • Old Fashioned

Although the drinks are tasty, the food item we came to try and have kept coming back for is the pork belly steamed buns. These little numbers are addicting and packed with flavour! The crispy pork belly mixed with the tangy slaw and the soft texture of the steamed bun is a flavour profile that dances in your mouth. Friends of ours have also enjoyed the oysters but the steamed buns are a crowd favourite.

If you are looking for a great place with a cool atmosphere to sit back and have a drink (or two) head down to Proof! If the drinks don’t keep you coming back to try out more cocktails on their menu, the steamed buns are sure to have you hooked.



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