Grab a slice of these! – Pizza Favourites

Apparently February 9 was National Pizza Day so I thought it would be a good time to post a bit about some pizza places I have enjoyed eating at.

Starting with places in Calgary, two of my favourite places to eat are Sammy’s World Greatest Pizza and Pizzeria Gaga (Unfortunately I don’t have any photos for the pizzas at these establishments).

Sammy’s Pizza has been a family favourite of ours since we stumbled upon it. I still remember the first time we ordered a pizza to take home and we were looking at their menu. The person helping us order suggested we order the Vegetarian Nightmare pizza because a meat lovers pizza was usually our go-to when we went to places like Dominos or Pizza Hut. At first we were confused why she suggested the Vegetarian Nightmare pizza when meat lovers is our favourite, until we realized that we ignored the “nightmare” aspect and read that the pizza was loaded with a variety of meat toppings that include, italian sausage, beef, donair meat, pepperoni, ham and salami! The amount of meat on this pizza would definitely be a vegetarian’s nightmare. I like to think of this place as a step up from a pizza chain such as Pizza Hut, that is a local family-run establishment. Although there is nothing wrong with a pizza chain, we like to support family restaurants and appreciated the unique pizza creations. Other pizzas we have enjoyed from Sammy’s is the Mediterranean pizza which has onions, mushrooms, beef, black olives and cooked diced tomatoes. If you also appreciate spicy flavours give the Sammy’s Feature pizza a try for a pizza with a kick: Signature homemade pizza sauce, beef, onions, cheddar, mozzarella cheese and jalapeños.

The other place I really like is another pizza establishment that I stumbled on one night when we were too lazy to cook dinner. The first time we ordered from Pizzeria Gaga it was about 10 minutes till closing. I understand that many establishments do not take food orders close to closing as the kitchen may close a bit earlier so I was surprised when someone answered my call and took my order! This little pizza place is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. Their pizzas remind me of delicious home cooking. Every time i have returned has been a great experience and I haven’t been disappointed with any of the menu items I have ordered. I love this place because of the great service and the tasty pizza. The prices of their pizzas are just right too and they are a great choice for a quick dinner to grab on your way home if you are in the downtown area!


Una Pizza + Wine 

Of course, a popular hot spot is Una Pizza + Wine. Similar to the establishments mention above, Una features unique pizza creations as well as ones that are more traditional, however with a modern twist. For example, their cheese pizza is topped with truffle oil and local honey. Una also participates in the mealshare program. If you order a mealshare item Una will give 1 meal to someone in need!

Donair pizza is often a flavour I have seen restaurants try and the best one I have tried was


Far Far East Pizza – Atlantic Trap and Gill Pub

at the Atlantic Trap and Gill Pub. The donair sauce was not too overwhelming with the flavours of the meat and other toppings as well. I also tried their Asian inspired pizza which had a strong peanut flavour from the sauce so if you love a nutty flavour this one is for you!

One of my favourite things to do when ordering pizza is to try pizzas with unique toppings on them. What I consider unique is something that you would not normally find on a pizza such as pepperoni. One of the most recent unique pizzas I have tried had sauerkraut and polish sausage on it from Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe in Fernie, BC! This place serves delicious unique pizzas and reminds me of a Sammy’s Pizza but in Fernie instead of Calgary.

Another unique pizza I have tried is a Clam Pie. My cousins have tried a clam pie in New York that was loaded with clams and garlic flavour. They found a similar pizza offered in Las Vegas, NV at Pizza Rock in downtown Las Vegas. I thought the pizza was tasty but agreed that it could use a bit more clams on top! See below a comparison of the Las Vegas Clam Pie, New York Clam Pie, and the homemade clam pie made by my cousin!



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