Reubens at Grumans – The Best in Town

I love a good sandwich but I have never been one to opt for a sandwich with Montreal smoked meat and sauerkraut – aka the Reuben.  In Calgary there is a restaurant that Calgarians claim has the best Reubens, but seeing as I wasn’t interested in trying out a Reuben I never thought to put that claim to the test. However, it was such a local favourite they were featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” on the Food Network so it must be good (now I know for sure)! IMG_2049

One day, however, my boyfriend went there for lunch with some co-workers and insisted that we give it a try. Grumans is located in downtown Calgary and has definitely changed my perspective on Reubens!

Grumans has the feel and atmosphere that I love at local restaurants. It feels like a local, family run joint, that truly has a passion for what they put on their tables. Every time I have been to Grumans I have been welcomed as if I was an invited guest in their own home. While in New York we saw the traditional Jewish delis and when I walk through the doors of Grumans I feel like I could be right back in New York!

Grumans offers breakfast and lunch options in addition to a variety of pre-prepared food available for you to take home and a catering business. When I visit Grumans it is usually around the lunch hour and I always order the Reuben; however, their menu has a variety of other options. Before I tried a reuben I worried that the flavours of the meat would be too over powering with the sauerkraut. I like my sandwiches to be a well balanced package of flavours and not too much of one thing or too little of another. This Reuben, however, blew all of my expectations out of the water. What I initially worried about being too overpowering, was a sandwich bursting with flavour with each bite without being too rich. True to the Reubens you see loaded with meat, Grumans loads their sandwiches with their meat that is tender, juicy, and has the perfect balance of IMG_2046flavour. You have the option to order more meat on their sandwich but the regular size definitely has a generous portion. The seasoning of the meat and the tangy taste of the sauerkraut pair perfectly – just thinking about it makes me crave another one! Your sandwich comes with a side of coleslaw and your choice of fries, homemade chips, or potato salad. Each option is so delicious its almost impossible to decide where to start and which bite to save for your last. I also order their in house made pickles. Just like the Reubens, these beauties are loaded with flavour to satisfy your salty, sour, and crunchy cravings.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful local favourite: great service, great food, and great value… what more can you ask for? Grumans is said to have the best Reubens in Calgary and I would definitely agree, as other Reubens I have tried didn’t seem to have those bold traditional flavours I now crave after trying this one.

Pro tip: Grumans’ “Reuby Tuesday” where the Reubens are on special at lunch! Move over Taco Tuesday, there’s a new meal in town.





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