Shiki Menya – Ramen

Calgary has a few ramen restaurants but my favourite is Skihi Menya in Bridgeland. This ramen joint has unique and flavourful bowls of ramen and all menu items are worth the wait! Similar to my post about Monta Ramen in Las Vegas, this local joint is a little location  with big taste!

Shiki Menya has many ramen bowls with pork broth that is made after several hours of preparation over night. They only make enough to serve a certain amount of bowls – once they are out of broth they are out (even if it is not the restaurant’s closing time). The prep time for the broth definitely shines through with every bite you take as the rich pork broth is infused with delicious flavour. Whether you are having a ramen bowl with more broth or one of Shiki Menya’s low broth ramen bowls, your taste buds will not be disappointed.

I usually do not order appetizers, unless something is enticing; however, I can never turn down a good gyoza. These tasty little flavour bombs are the perfect dish before digging into a hot soupy dish. I have also tried their Char Siu tacos, which are also very delicious. I like these appetizers because they are not filling but very tasty. I am always disappointed when the appetizer isn’t very good and/or is too filling for me to enjoy my main dish, but Shiki Menya has got the balance just right.

Usually there is a line up outside of Shiki Menya for these popular ramen dishes, but the wait is worth it! Each ramen dish is very flavourful and carefully crafted. This is one of the local restaurants that truly care about what they put on their tables for their customers. Check out these delicious bowls below:


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