Ten out of Ten Foot Henry

After a break from posting since exams and starting a new job, what better way to get back into writing new content than by writing about something as wonderful as Ten Foot Henry?! 

Generally I’m not a big fan of family style dining; however, I thoroughly enjoy it if you’re with the right group of people. Share plates like family style or tapas are a great way to try many things at once, so it’s a great option if you are also with an adventurous group or someone you’re comfortable with. I have friends and family who go to Ten Foot Henry and don’t do sharing style though, so don’t be deterred from this great joint the second you see that there is a sharing option! 

This was my first time going to Ten Foot Henry after hearing numerous compliments, suggestions and raves about this place. Naturally, I couldn’t narrow it down to only a few things so my friend and I decided to splurge a bit. We tried the following dishes:

  • Marinated beets
  • Fried potatoes 
  • Roasted gai lan 
  • Fried green beans
  • Chargrilled hanger steak
  • Cherry filled donut 
  • Butterscotch pudding

Usually when I want to order a bunch of things from the menu there are a few dishes that stand out and others that cease to exist in my foodie memory; however, every dish at Ten Foot Henry is like a work of art. They were each unique and rich in flavours but neither over powered the other. This was key to enjoying a great share plate experience because I was able to try a number of dishes but not feel like I was having a mix and match meal! One of my favourite dishes was the gai lan. I usually make this vegetable at home and have never seen it in a restaurant! It was such a treat to enjoy it while dining out and trying a new way to enjoy it. I am also not a huge dessert person but for not liking sweets both of the desserts had me giving in to another bite each time I finished the last. 

In addition to the excellent dishes placed in front of us, we had friendly and spectacular service. From the moment we stepped into the main entrance till the moment we walked out we were welcomed, attended to and showered with wonderful service. 

Overall, I walked into Ten Foot Henry hungry and excited. After relishing in the tasty dishes we ordered I left full from yummy food and excellent service. Ten foot Henry definitely receives a 10/10! 


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