About 2.5Asians

picture1Two and a Half Asians (@2.5Asians) is a food Instagram account run by three cousins who share a love of food. We are the kind of people where our photo albums from family vacations consist of the meals we have eaten, every celebration revolved around a meal, and the kitchen is the heart of our homes.

Meaning: Two and a Half Asians was something we brainstormed when trying to figure out a catchy Instagram name. It is a play on our culture, as two cousins are full Chinese and one cousin is of mixed ethnicity! As a result, Two and a Half Asians was born.

Purpose: We no longer live in the same city as each other but often shared photos over text of dishes from restaurants we went to or photos of meals we made. Foodie culture has grown substantially recently and we wanted to share our perspective on the culinary world.